What we do

We raise awareness of the benefits of accounting within Indigenous communities and connect Indigenous students to careers in the business world.

Our reason for being.

As Australia’s leading professional accounting bodies, we know the benefits that a career in accounting can bring: a broad range of skills, business expertise, financial logic and work opportunities across Australia and the globe.

Within Indigenous communities, accountants can also play a valuable role in promoting financial literacy and economic development. So when we recognised the dramatic under-representation of Indigenous people in the profession and the socio-economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, we knew that it was the right thing to become involved in making a difference.

Our approach.

We’ve found that historically, cultural and geographic barriers have made it challenging for Indigenous communities to engage with the accounting profession. There’s also been a lack of understanding of what accountants do and the career options available.

One of our major tasks then is to provide Indigenous students with a more complete picture of the accounting profession. Through our networks, we’re encouraging more university students to look at studying accounting, business or finance as a stepping-stone to a rewarding professional career.

The benefits.

A career in accounting offers a pathway to economic empowerment and financial self-sufficiency. But there are other broader benefits to consider too. For example, Indigenous accountants can add significant value when it comes to managing and implementing Native Title and Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

Get involved.

If you’re a student, a potential employer or a professional accountant interested in finding out more, let us know who you are by joining our online network today.

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