AFOA Canada International Conference 2017

14 Sep 2017: Indigenous Accountants Australia (IAA) will be among key representatives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the AFOA Canada inaugural international conference to be held from 2-5 October 2017 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The conference aims to strengthen international networks of Indigenous peoples and will bring together speakers as well as more than 1,000 delegates from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and South America.

The presenters will discuss a wide range of topics in the accounting, finance and business fields and share insights and ideas about increasing the voice and influence of Indigenous people working in these sectors.

Timothy Werner, Relationship Manager, Indigenous Strategies at IAA and Dr Luisa Lombardi, Chair of Indigenous Accounting and Business Conference, Senior Lecturer, Deakin Business School, Deakin University and IAA Advisory Committee member, are on the organising committee of the conference. Both will be presenting at the conference. In Timothy’s case, he will also be playing didgeridoo as part of the official Australian welcome.

Other members of the IAA Advisory Committee and key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations will also be presenting at the conference, including:

  • Dr Kerry Bodle lecturer, Griffith Business School, Griffith University
  • Richard Hurst, IAA Relationship Manager, Indigenous Strategies
  • Mark Jones, IAA Project Director
  • Christian Lugnan, Regional Manager, Coffs Harbour, Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations
  • Amanda Young, Chief Executive Officer, First Nations Foundation.

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Conference Highlights

Tuesday 3 October

Christian Lugnan will be appearing on a panel discussion for the opening plenary session after the keynote address by Michell Hicks, President, Chief Strategy Group Inc., USA, about how community governance fits in with corporate and institutional governance.

Amanda Young and Phil Usher from First Nations Foundation will be co-running a workshop with Shanin Metatwabin Chief Executive Officer, National Aboriginal Capital Coroporations Association on Business Development and Trade and how the financial sector needs indigenous peoples.

IAA representatives Mark Jones, Richard Hurst and Timothy Werner will discuss the IAA initiative to promote accounting as a professional career path and increase the number of Indigenous Australians  working in the accounting and finance sector.

Wednesday 4 October

Dr Luisa Lombardi and Christian Lugnan will co-present an information session on pathways to Indigenous Leadership and Economic Development.

Dr Kerry Bodle will co-run a workshop titled New Thinking on Accounting and Intellectual Property. Dr Bodle will be speaking alongside Rob Campbell, National Director of Aboriginal services and Clayton Norris, Vice President of Aboriginal Services.

Michael Galluzzo, Policy Analyst, Indigenous Outreach Progran, ASIC, Matt Povey, Senior Manager, Indigenous Outreach Program, ASIC, and Benson Igua Saulo, Group Indigenous Opportunities Manager, Australian Unity will discuss the Indigenous Outreach program developed by ASIC to increase the knowledge and trust of Indigenous Australians in the financial services sector.

Thursday 5 October

Amanda Young from First Nations Foundation will give a keynote speech about responsible and sustainable investment and will also participate in a panel discussion afterwards.

Richard Hurst and Mark Jones will be co-running a workshop on Thursday 5 October alongside Danielle Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Kanuu Social Innovations and Trina Wamboldt, Executive Director, Urban Matters CCC. The workshop is titled Nation Building Through Human Capacity Development and focuses on the idea of the ‘sleeping giant ‘ of the Indigenous economy the role accountants can play in unlocking its potential.


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